Mabel Powers

Mabel Powers (Yehsennohwehs)

(July, 23, 1872- August, 24, 1966)


Mabel Powers was born in Hamburg, NY and was educated at East Aurora High School, Buffalo College, and Shoemaker School of Elocution and Oratory. Powers was interested in the study of literature, religion, peace and racial understanding and youth movements. Well known for her lectures and stories of the Iroquois, she became a popular part of the program at  Chautauqua Institution. Miss Powers’ life work was to represent the Indian people by whom she was adopted at the World Peace Congress of the International League in 1924. She is the author of many Native American papers, such as, “Indian History of Western New York”, “Stories the Iroquois Tell Their Children” and “Around An Iroquois Story Fire”. Powers’ work was well praised and put in many newspapers and she was also added to the book “Principal Women of America”. Powers died at the age of 94, as a well known lecture of Indian history.

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